• When was ACTS Global School established?

    ACTS Global School, was established in the year 2011

    Which board or syllabus do we follow at ACTS Global School?

    ACTS Global School follow Central Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E) syllabus and medium of instruction is English.

    When does the academic year begin every year?

    The new academic year begins in March and works for about one month followed by summer vacation & from June 2nd week we start the proper session.

    What are the timings of the school & Office, how many days does the school work in a week?

    School Timings:
    Nursery – 9:00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.
    PP1 to VII -9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.

    Office timings:

    9.00.a.m. to 4.00p.m.

    Working days:

    Nursery to PP2 – Monday to Friday
    Grade I to VII – Monday to Saturday
    Second Saturday off for all

    What is the U.S.P of the school?

    ACTS Global School is run and managed by ACTS Educational society. ACTS Global School has been able to deliver with a brilliant performance because of quality education backed by carefully chosen teachers, individual care and attention, confident of recreating similar standards of excellence in the domain of schools as well.

    Why ACTS Global School?

    Most of the schools that we hear about these days talk of air conditioned class rooms, PowerPoint presentations, and digital class rooms. In all this jazz, some where the true meaning of educating the student has taken a back seat. The student enjoys digital contents and hands-on experience to the optimum level. Yes we integrate new age technology in our pedagogy, but ACTS Global School is about much more. It is about traditional values, strong academic foundation ensured by true hands on approach to make your child a winner in their walks of life..

    What is the student – teacher ratio?

    It’s a policy at ACTS Global School that the strength of the class should not exceed 25 students per class so that the teacher – student ratio will be appropriate.

    What is the teaching methodology at ACTS Global School?

    The philosophy of ACTS Global School is to foster an environment where the child not only learns, but also enjoys learning. We try to relate everything with practical world and hands on experience rather than merely introducing a concept directly from the text book. The emphasis on academics, extracurricular activities and sports is an integral part of curriculum.

    What kind of arrangements does ACTS Global School has for books and uniforms?

    We follow Private publisher books for Primary and NCERT books for Secondary. We have regular uniform.

    What’s the profile of teaching staff at ACTS Global School?

    Teachers at ACTS Global School are adequately trained and experienced, while we ensure that all teachers meet the required qualifications as enlisted by CBSE. What we value at ACTS Global School is a nurturing approach and inherent love towards children and education.

    Is there any enrtance exams for the student before taking admission?

    For the classes (Nursery to V) we do not conduct any entrance exams. We do assessment to help understand the learning levels of the child so as to help the child from there onwards.

    What is the assessment/evaluation system?

    We follow a comprehensive and cumulative evaluation system wherein periodical assessment (FA’s and SA’s-Formative Assessment and the summative Assessment) would be conducted. The assessments, the preparation for these and the post assessment follow up will ensure that the children reach the required level of competence

    How frequently parent teachers meeting are being conducted?

    Though parents are likely to take a prior appointment and drop in our campus, but after any formative assessments we do conduct PTMs

    Do you give extra support to the children who under-perform in the class?

    We do give extra help to such children by giving extra time on one to one basis.

    What kind of extracurricular activities does ACTS Global School encourages among students?

    A variety of extracurricular activities are conducted at school. To name a few : Dance classes, Martial Arts classes, Drawing classes, Debates & Dramatics clubs,.
    Our students have participated in various events like: Olympiad, Spell bee, Karate, Kungfu

    Does ACTS Global School provide transport facility?

    Comfortable transportation facility is there. We also ensure a lady attendant is always there in the vehicle for the safety of the students. The transportation fee depends upon the no. of kilometers for which the facility is availed.

    What is the school’s policy on both verbal and corporal punishment?

    We strongly dissuade punishment at ACTS Global Schools we aim to nourish the natural desire of children to explore new things. We catalyse the process of learning by discovery, by appropriately guiding the child. Simultaneously, we make the student realize the importance of discipline as a way of life.

    My residence is too far from the school and my child is too young to travel distant place, how can I send my child?

    We believe that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. At ACTS Global School, we see that the child not only learns in classrooms but also from surroundings and through practical exposure. If the child gets a quality education his/ her future, then the distance can be compromised.

    Is Olympiad foundation course offered in ACTS Global School?

    ACTS Global School offers Olympiad Foundation programme aimed at students of the Class II. This programme focuses on strengthening the student’s conceptual clarity of the fundamentals in Mathematics, EVS, Science, Social and communication skills. It’s an integrated course where we indulge other syllabus too.

    What are the languages ACTS Global School provides?

    We provide 3 languages in ACTS Global School English, Hindi & Telugu. First language is English, second language is either Hindi or Telegu and 3rd language will introduce from Grade V.

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