A Day @ ACTS Global School

  • Events at school

    • Events are opportunities given to the children
    • All the events to be held on 1st Saturday of the month
    • Parents to ensure that their wards participate
    • Events of this year include Drawing/Pot Painting, Elocutions/Poem Recitations, creative writing, & Slogan writing/title writing.
  • Sports

    • Sports
  • Scholastic Opportunities

    • Olympiads conducted by SOF – NCO, NSO, IMO, IEO, newly-introduced IGKO Olympiad of general knowledge
    • Olympiads conducted by Unified Council – English, Math, and Science
    • In house spelling & vocabulary enrichment- ACTS Spellist
  • School timings

    • Monday to Friday – 9:00 am to 3:00pm
    • Saturdays – 9: 00 am   to12:30pm
    • Assembly starts at 9: 00 am
    • Children to reach latest by 8:50am
    • Snack break of 15 minutes
    • Lunch Break of 30 minutes
    • Please ensure that students respect & follow the school rules.
  • School Diary

    • Everyday updates of classroom activities
    • Mode of communication between parents and teachers/coordinators
    • Record of leaves maintained
    • Record of library books read
    • Record of late-coming
  • Discipline at School

    • Respect for school timings – Students have to reach the school by 8:50 am without fail. Assembly starts at 9:00 am.
    • School does not appreciate foul language & inappropriate behaviour
    • Students are expected to use ONLY English as a mode of communication in the schools premise & bus (except during 2nd language periods).
  • Celebrations at school

    • Birthdays can be celebrated with a gift of book(s) to the library

                            Only chocolates can be distributed

                            No cutting of cakes allowed at school

    • National festivals are celebrated with fervour to inculcate patriotism
    • Religious festivals are restricted at school and given holidays, respecting individual faith.
  • Breakup of Academic Year

    Two terms

    • Term 1 - Mid-March  -   September
    • Term 2 - Mid-September   -   March
  • Scholastic Areas

    • Languages-1st language(English),

                             2nd language (Hindi/Telugu/) & From Grade 4 - 3rd language (Hindi/Telugu/ )

    • Science
    • Math
    • Social Studies
    • Computer Science
  • Snack & Lunch

    • Lunch & snack has to be sent in the morning itself.
    • Dry snack such as biscuits, bread, fruit, salads, sprouts, nuts etc., is preferred.
    • NON-VEGETARIAN food, including egg, is strictly not allowed for lunch.
    • Make sure the lunchbox your child brings to school provides a healthy, balanced lunch. Try not to send a fully packed lunch box which may become dry making it difficult for the child to eat.
  • Homework Pattern

    • A homework pattern is followed by the school to avoid burdening the child.
    • Reasonable amounts of homework will be sent aligning with the pattern.
    • Math homework can be given every day for better practice.
    • Regular worksheets on grammar concepts & reading comprehension passages will be sent.
    • Home assignments / projects will be sent only on weekends.
    • The child should be encouraged to do the homework independently.
  • Home projects: Individual & Group

    Projects can be

    • collecting pictures
    • Making models
    • Gathering information or materials about a given topic
    • Includes the use & help of the internet for which parental guidance is a must.
    • A neat work, with apt detailing about the given topic is expected. Projects have to be submitted positively on the due date.
    • Projects will be evaluated for the Cyclic Assessments.
    • Equal involvement of Parents in their child’s learning is mandatory.
  • Cyclic assessments - CCE pattern of assessment

    • The year has been divided into 2 terms.
    • Each term is sub-divided into 4 – 5 cycles.
    • There can be a maximum of 10 cycles & a minimum of 8 cycles per year.
    • Each cycle is spread over a month.
    • The students are assessed on various aspects in different subjects.
    • Report card will change as per the CCE pattern.
  • Languages

    • Listening – Audio & Teacher-read passages
    • Speaking – Conversation, Role-plays, Poem recitation, Story telling
    • Reading – Text book reading, Reading comprehension passages
    • Writing – Grammar worksheets, Objective questions, Short answers, Picture composition
    • Spelling – Periodic Dictation
    • Handwriting – Class work, home work, cursive.
  • Grades 3 & Above Assessment Pattern

    Term 1 -                        FA 1 (April)                               Term 2 - FA 3   ( November)

                                        FA 2 (July)                                FA 4   (January)

                                         SA 1 (Aug- Sep)                        SA 2 (February– March)

  • Parent’s Role in Child’s Education


  • Parent Teacher Connect


    Our parent orientation programmes aims to connect teachers with the parents of children about to join pre-primary, primary. These programmes are a unique opportunity to familiarise parents with the academic year ahead. They include explanations about examination patterns, extracurricular activities, required parental support and more.

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